The Musicians Institute Youth Academy is a performance-based music education program designed to guide and inspire young people (and beyond) as they find their voices as musicians. The Saturday Academy classes were created to allow students to practice their passion at their own pace, where they will receive private lessons, open counseling, lessons in video techniques, branding, and more.

After 7 weeks, students will leave the Academy with a music video and the experience of a stage performance, along with confidence, a newfound musicianship, and plenty of new musical friends.


Meet new friends, write songs and learn how to perform under the lights of MI’s state-of-the-art concert hall.


Study with one of MI’s esteemed instructors during a private weekly instrument lesson that supports core curriculum goals, which include developing technique, musicianship and style. One weekly lesson is included in the program, but additional lessons are available to anyone with the desire to learn an instrument or improve existing skills.


Ages 8 to 17 | All Skill Levels | Any Style


The Youth Academy is open for people of all skill levels, inspirations and music aspirations, so anyone with a dream is welcome! The Academy programs will give students the foundations to keep pursuing their talents, whether as a hobby or as true rock star career goals.


MI Youth Academy curriculum is based on MI curriculum and created by MI instructors. What makes MI’s lessons stand out from the rest are the professional (and well-known) instructors who have many years of music experience in the industry to pass onto the students. These instructors have the lessons and expert advice to really foster students’ natural talents to become the best players they can be in a creative and nurturing environment.


April: 13, 20, 27
May: 4, 11, 18
Final Concert: May 25


All of the Youth Academy instructors are also working musicians and instructors at MI and follow the curriculum with the fundamentals of both popular music and music theory, using songs from popular bands and artists.












  • WEEK 1

    WEEK 1

    During the first week of the Youth Academy, students will be welcomed to MI with an orientation on the program and what they can expect in the next few weeks. During this time, students will also be separated off into groups that will assure every student receives equal attention and instruction.

    After the orientation and grouping, New Academy students will enjoy an exciting concert put on by MI staff and alumni in our very own Concert Hall.

  • WEEK 2-4

    WEEK 2-4

    From Weeks 2 through 4, each group of students will spend time working on:

    Style performance – The band will perform music in the style of Rock, Music Theatre/Disney, Contemporary and Traditional. Students will also learn about microphone techniques and performance and sound etiquette, which are all skills necessary to work in a collaborative music environment.

    Video techniques and image development – Students will learn the basics on how to shoot a video (including tricks like time lapse, split and green screen.) Lessons also include foundations on the basic video recording setup and how to choose the proper equipment for editing and shooting. Image development will help with branding and marketing as an artist.

    There are also designated times for each student to have a private hour lesson, supervised rehearsals and additional private lessons if they choose.

  • WEEK 5-6

    WEEK 5-6

    The next 2 following weeks, students can expect to continue their lessons in style performance and their private lessons. After spending some time learning video techniques, each group will have an allotted time during Week 5 to record the song they worked on in a professional studio and Week 6 for filming their music video.

  • WEEK 7

    WEEK 7

    The final day of MI Youth Academy will allow students to take all of the skills they learned and practiced over the course of the program to rehearse and perform their final concert on MI’s performance stages! The bright lights will be on, and this will be their time to shine and show off their new tricks.

  • Additional: Parent’s Class

    For an extra fee, student parents can take part in our Parent’s Class, meant to give guidance and tips on how to maneuver the entertainment world in this day and age. If your child wants to follow their passions, it’s important for them to be in-the-know with social media, image development and more.

    Topics include:

    • Introduction To Media (social media, management platforms)
    • How to Use Device to Post ( Smartphone, camera, equipment)
    • Image Development (Music Business, Networking)
    • Audition Tips
    • “My Child Is Talented, Now What?”


  • Private Lessons
  • Style Performance
  • Recording & Production
  • Open Counseling
  • Personalized Performance Coaching
  • Parent’s Classes
  • Guest Professor Workshops
  • Image Development
  • Video Technique


Students enrolled in this 7-week academy will perform in an exciting final concert so they can show off their progress on the big stage! They will also receive a Pro Tools studio recording and an MTV style music video to show off to all their friends…and future fans.


Musicians Institute
6752 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028


$1,500 for the entire 7-week program.

Additional tuition might apply for extra lessons, final concert videos and parent’s classes.